Hearing Joie speak was a glimpse into the woman behind the book: raw, powerful, and dedicated to transforming women’s lives through her story. Joie shares candidly about her process, her story, and her struggles. By the end of the event, I felt supported and connected to every woman in the room. Joie’s authenticity fosters an open and loving environment for healing. I am so grateful I got to attend this event and meet other likeminded women.

Susan Turvey

Wellness Blogger, susanturvey.com 

Joie is a world class speaker. Her raw and authentic stories have inspired me to share my own. If you’re looking for an expert on self love then you’re in the right place. Thank you for speaking your truth, Joie!

Chong Lee

Women’s Lifestyle Business Mentor, chongylee.com

Joie’s message is engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and behavior changing. Her powerful message is delivered with love and honesty taken from her own personal life experiences. People will be talking about her message for years to come.

Jasmine Montoya

Life Alchemist, www.coachingbyjasmine.com 

Joie Cheng has taken the stage at my event multiple times. Not only is she a total professional and easy to work with, audiences love her.

She delivers from the heart as she combines her personal experiences with stories and thought provoking questions. She is truly a thought leader in her space and I recommend her to any event who is looking for a speaker who is thoughtful and shows up in service of the audience.

Davide Di Giorgio

Speaker, Author, Coach, delivervision.com 

I’ve had a lot of speakers on our Life on Fire stages over the years and what I love about Joie is her authentic & genuine passion to make a difference in the world.  Some people say and some people live it…Joie is living her passion and inspiring those around her!

Nick Unsworth

CEO, Business Strategist, LifeonFire.com, CEO Life on Fire.com, Business Strategist 

Unleash Your Naked Truth with Joie Cheng was an incredible journey for me. I completed my first book, I Am Freedom, in three months with her love and support. The weekly writing sessions was a life saver a few times and she has the ability to help keep you accountable throughout the entire process. Thanks for sharing your truth, Joie!

Chong Lee

Women’s Lifestyle Business Mentor, chongylee.com

Joie is a very compassionate yet effective healer. She is a sincere and receptive listener who is truly gifted at holding sacred space. I feel a gentle and compassionate presence when we work together. She also has the ability to strongly & lovingly guide me in accessing my own healing and growth. Joie embodies much wisdom and shares her knowledge in a fun and creative way. I am thankful that I have been connected to Joie, my soul sister. I acknowledge her for being truly dedicated to her purpose and to the wellness of the goddess.

Sarah Montano

Spiritual Ecologist at Star of Mountain

When Joie speaks, she masterfully shares vulnerably and honestly about her own journey, and takes her audience through a transformational, interactive experience that inspires them to make empowering changes in their own lives.

Laura J Swan

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at Conscious Feminine Leaders Academy: www.laurajswan.com

Joie is a gifted Deeksha blessing giver. I felt an enormous sense of peace and love during my blessing with her and I would highly recommend you attend her circles and gift yourself and your soul a Deeksha blessing experiencing with her.

Priscilla Stephan

Intuitive Business Strategist, www.priscillastephan.com 

I had the pleasure of hearing Joie speak during her book launch of “The Naked Truth”. I was deeply moved by the way that Joie spoke about her book, her life, and the different things she has experienced.  She helped to trigger some memories of my own, that I had buried and was not willing to look at, until I witnessed her courage and strength.  Seeing for myself how healing this process was for her has given me so much hope. I highly recommend both reading the book and experiencing her actually sharing her story in person. She delivers her message in a completely authentic and vulnerable way, which gives all of us a glimpse of what we are capable of healing when we stop trying to hide.

Rebecca Zacharda

Women’s Empowerment Leader

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